Incredible Pink Floyd Book back in stock!

'Pink Floyd On Forty-Five' is the definitive discography of Pink Floyd 7" singles. With the help of the world's foremost Pink Floyd singles collectors, Charles Beterams has compiled a simply breathtaking book that sets the standard for the collection of Pink Floyd singles from all over the world. Apart from entries on exotic countries such as Angola, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, The Philippines, and Turkey, 'Pink Floyd On Forty-Five' also features extensive discographies from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the USA. Pink Floyd's history on 7-inch is presented in all its full-colour glory, with well over 1,200 images to distinguish all known pressings; includes bonus Roger Waters 'Hello [I Love You]' 7" single pressed on CLEAR VINYL, superbly presented in spot-lacquered hardback sleeve, sealed with an individually numbered sticker, and limited to 1000 copies!

Pink Floyd On Forty-Five

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