Inverted Rays, Man

Simple but effective. A design for

No, not The Manics. Definitely not
Medicine Head, who might've faired better with their own Dark Side Of The Moon,
had they thought of such a design. But the madcap nature of a genius idea.

A dispersive triangular prism
refracting a ray of white light into a rainbow of cosmic colour. Perfect
symbolism of a Pink Floyd show and music itself.

The seamless joining of the spectrum
extending round the back cover and across the inner gatefold to reflect the
seamless segueing of the album's tracks & theme of universal connectivity:
who doesn't own a copy?

But I'm unique, we hear you cry!
Well then, that's when our madcap buyers produce their own special fusion of
science & magic and deliver the impossible. All be it a mispressed topsy-turvy sleeve of Dark Side Of The Moon: a near mythical 1973 Japanese-only white label promo LP with reversed artwork
, the very first Japanese issue
instantly withdrawn at the printers and one of the rarest Pink Floyd
mispressings in the world! Somehow 'special' doesn't quite cover this

Dark Side2

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