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Celine: Through The Eyes Of The World

DION 'Celine: Through The Eyes Of The World'

DVD I Blu-Ray [Release
Date 10/05/2010

Date 17/05/2010

Celine Dion's Sold
Out Taking Chances World Tour, which took place between February 2008 and
February 2009, played concerts on 5-continent, in 25-country, 93-city – Celine's
first in nine years – and sold over three million tickets.

Join Celine in this
behind-the-scenes, beyond-the-music documentary as she puts on show-stopping
performances of some of her biggest hits as well as some of her favourite songs
never before recorded. However, this world tour is different as Celine is
travelling with her husband, her 7-year-old son, her mother, and her extended
family.  Intercutting concert performances with behind the scenes footage, fans
will get the chance to really know Celine, her family, and her co-performers as
well as those fans that she meets and performs for around the world.
Inspirational, moving, honest and surprisingly funny, Celine:  Through the Eyes
of the World captures Celine’s balance between the demands of an elaborate and
extensive year-long worldwide tour and her top priority – caring for and
enjoying time with her family.

'Celine: Through the
Eyes of the World' offers a unique perspective on Celine, her life, and her
inspiring dedication to creating a stage experience like no other – another
chance to experience the magical event, this time from a vantage point
unparalleled by any ticket.

Having sold more than 200 million albums around
the world, Celine Dion is one of the most immediately recognized, widely
respected and successful performers in pop music history.

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