The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle

The Great Rock N Roll SwindleOne of the greatest rock stories
ever told. Or was it one of the worst?

Cash from chaos the

Considered dangerous to the fabric
of society and banned across the UK, controversy surrounded everything
with the Sex Pistols.

In memory of their instigator, the
late, great rock ‘n' roll swindler himself, Malcolm Mclaren, we are proud to
offer an original 38” x 26” promotional-only poster for the movie La Grande
Truffa Del Rock 'N' Roll
, to give it its Italian title.

Johnny Rotten, Ronald Biggs, Helen
Of Troy and Mary Millington are all listed with superb colour stills of the
movie’s major characters, including Sid, Malcolm, Steve, Paul, Ronnie Biggs and

In mint condition, this Italian
beauty is one super-scarce piece of memorabilia for the (dis)gracefully aging
punk rocker!

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