Party ‘Non-Stop’ with Andy Bell.

Non Stop 
Call On Me

ANDY BELL 'Non-Stop' [Release
Date 07/06/2010]

2010 UK 10-track CD album

of deluxe dance-pop, seductive electro anthems and gold-plated disco grooves –
lend me your ears, Andy Bell releases a brand new album, 'Non-Stop', on 7th June

and co-written by Andy Bell and Pascal Gabriel (S'Express, Ladyhawke, Debbie
Harry, Kylie, Little Boots), 'Non-Stop' is a lavish collection of exquisite
dancefloor confessionals from one of the most acclaimed and beloved singers in
British pop.

features forthcoming single 'Call On Me' and 'Honey If You Love Him', a duet
with / written by Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction), a huge fan of Andy's voice
who suggested the alliance.

Andy's long-running partnership with Vince Clarke in Erasure remains very much a
going concern, the singer's second solo album provides a liberating platform for
his more clubby, nocturnal, disco-glam side. He has even purposely changed his
vocal register and style for much of 'Non-Stop', putting clear blue water
between his soulfully electronic solo voice and his gleaming, poppy Erasure

YOU can also order the first single 'Call On Me' HERE featuring the exclusive recording, 'Had It All', plus remixes from Wyda
Productions (Eddie Craig & Jim Sullivan of the Wideboys), Vince Clarke, Chicago's
Hey Champ and Deadboy (described by Clash as "the next future garage mastermind
destined to blow up in 2010")

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