Take a trip with some ‘Magic Potion’

Open MindNot that we condone such activity, of course. Love is the drug and we’re sure the more astute 60s collectors amongst you will love this one.

Magic Potion by The Open Mind has to be one of the snarliest psych-rock singles to come from these shores, and quite rightly warrants its reputation as a deadly and killer single of the mod era. It's certainly one of the best. Compiled left right and centre on any number of sixties psych compilations, nothing can quite compare to the full force of the sound on this molten original.

Naturally, only one or two clued up acid heads bought this, and the demo copy is actually the easier find, although both rarer than a hippy-in-the-wash: this incredible STOCK COPY is the toughest and soon to be crown jewel in your garage/psych singles collection. Just make sure you look after it…!

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