Outsider Record Of The Day

LuciferBig Gun LP


Yes, it’s an utterly bizarre slice of DIY proto-punk that
will make any self-respecting record exec run for cover. Privately pressed and only
available by mail order from the cult underground magazine 'Oz', it is rumoured
that this ‘album’, if you can call it that, was the solo work of occult fan
Peter Walker, he of Purple Gang fame [Granny Takes A Trip, anyone?]. Our
resident office hippy, mid-keying in the vital details, offers his immortal verdict: “makes
Hawkind’s first album sound like Return To Forever!” Now how's that for an appraisal.

Back in the land of the strange meanwhile, if private pressings are your thing, we have an impossible slice of NWOBHM obscurism to keep you salivating. By the Scottish group Never Amber, and listed in Malc Macmillans' 'NWOBHM Encyclopedia', check these leathers & moustachios out!

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