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Write Above Love

BELLE & SEBASTIAN 'Write About Love' [Release Date 11/10/2010]
Four and a half years after the release of 'The Life Pursuit' – a Top Ten album in the UK which sold over a quarter of a million copies globally – Belle And Sebastian release their new album on Rough Trade Records.

It is their third album since signing to Rough Trade in 2002, following 'The Life Pursuit' (2006) and 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' (2003). Unlike its predecessors, it is an album which has come together in a relatively short period of time. After reconvening in February 2010, a period of writing and pre-production in Glasgow was followed by a trip to Los Angeles for recording with Tony Hoffer (who also produced 'The Life Pursuit') at the renowned Sound Factory Studio B.

Adopting a more fluid approach than on the previous record, fourteen songs were recorded and mixed by the start of June, of which eleven feature on the CD and vinyl releases. Two further tracks from these sessions appear on a bonus 7" with the vinyl edition of the album.

As ever, the record draws the band's internal songwriting strengths, but this time includes some guest performances. Stuart Murdoch wrote the majority of the songs on the album, while Sarah Martin takes lead vocals on her two contributions, 'I Didn't See It Coming' and 'I Can See Your Future' and Stevie Jackson on his ('I'm Not Living In The Real World'). In addition, Norah Jones contributes lead vocals to 'Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John' (which also appears on her forthcoming album of duets and collaborations called 'Featuring') and actress Carey Mulligan sings on 'Write About Love'. Strings were added by LA residents The Section Quartet.

As well as recording in 2010, the band has already crossed the world playing a number of shows, including a headline slot at Latitude and their first ever shows in Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. The remainder of the year includes shows in Canada and Mexico as well as a short US tour and culminates with a UK tour in December.

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