Aerosmith & Guns N Roses Official Crew Jacket

Wow!  Aerosmith and Guns N Roses on the same bill – in fact on the same stage performing together at one point – that must have been one hell of a gig! 

Back in '88, Guns and Roses were at the start of their meteoric rise to rock megastardom whilst Aerosmith were arguably at the very top of their game.  For those of us weren't lucky enough to be on the road crew, here's a chance to capture a moment of pure rock and roll excess and own one of the exclusive crew jackets from the Permanent Vacation tour. 

(Please click the image to view the full details of the item.)

This jacket was issued only to the crew and it was issued specifically for the two dates at the Pacific Amphitheatre making it a rare memento of a specific moment in time. If you have any questions about the condition or size of the jacket, or just feel like throwing a TV out of your hotel window and staying awake for a week, then by all means give me a call, Matt +44 (0)1474 816054

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