Japanese Forthcomings!

This week’s offering from our Eastern companions includes Syd Barrett, Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry and a special entry from The ‘Oo!

BOB DYLAN ‘The Bootleg Series Vol. 9 – The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964’ – 2-CD Album Set
The Witmark Demos see their first commercial release nearly five decades after they were first recorded. Featuring 48 Bob Dylan songs recorded by Bob and accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, harmonica and occasionally piano – for his first music publisher, Leeds Music, in January 1962, and for his second publisher, M. Witmark & Sons, between 1962 and 1964. Among the many gems found on The Witmark Demos are 15 Bob Dylan songs that were recorded by the artist only for these sessions, and which had never been officially released to the public. **Release Date 27/10/2010**

SYD BARRETT ‘An Introduction To Syd Barrett’ – CD Album
'An Introduction…' is a brand new collection that brings together for the first time the tracks of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett on one compilation. David Gilmour, who originally worked with Syd Barrett on the solo albums by co-producing 'The Madcap Laughs' and as producer of 'Barrett' has taken the role of executive producer for the album and has, along with Damon Iddins and Andy Jackson at Astoria Studios, remixed five tracks including 'Octopus', 'She Took A Long Cool Look', 'Dominoes' and 'Here I Go' on which David Gilmour has added and played bass guitar. Pink Floyd's 'Matilda Mother' also receives a fresh 2010 Mix. Complete with brand new artwork by the legendary Storm Thorgerson and his estimable studio. **Release Date 17/11/2010**


BRYAN FERRY ‘Olympia’ – CD Album
The eleventh long player from Bryan and this one marks a momentous occasion – Ferry reunited with Roxy Music! Featuring a whole host of guests including Nile Rodgers, David Gilmour, Groove Armada, Scissor Sisters, Marcus Miller, Flea, Mani and Jonny Greenwood, and including the single 'You Can Dance' as well as the bonus track Shameless. **Release Date 20/10/2010**

BON JOVI 'The Greatest Hits Ultimate Collection'
An album featuring a career-spanning compilation from the rock titans. One of the biggest bands on the planet, the band have sold a staggering 120m albums worldwide, scored five UK number one albums alone and played live to in excess of 34m fans! A fitting tribute which includes the singles 'Livin' On A Prayer', 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' and 'It's My Life'. Comes in both Regular CD album and Limited Edition 2-SHM CD album set. **Release Date 03/11/2010**

And Finally….

THE WHO Live At Leeds – '40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition'
Super Deluxe and super limited (Limited to 3000)! This Deluxe Edition box set contains the double SHM-CD edition of the band's legendary performance at Leeds University on February 14, 1970 as well as 2-SHM-CD release of their subsequent performance in Hull on the next day. A jam packed set which also includes a reissue of the original 6-track LP, 7-inch single for 'Summertime Blues' and 'Heaven And Hell', plus a 64-page booklet with rare pictures, complete with posters and inserts, all presented in a deluxe Hardcover case (and as the Japanese are involved you know it will be impressive!) Ok, you can mop the drool now! **Release Date 24/11/2010**

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