Michael Jackson Epic Megamix 12″ – BACK IN STOCK

The legendary Michael Jackson epic megamix was the mainstay of many a travelling disco thoughout the early eighties. When the party refused to get started, there was no surer way to get akward teenagers on the dance floor than to slap this platter on the wheels of steel and let the King of Pop do his thing.

Now you too can put on your glitter glove, break out your best moonwalk and fail utterly to impress the girls while playing this rare, original promo copy of the ultimate eighties floor filler.

Click here to view the full details on 991.com

Promos like this were never produced in large quantities and many were played to death at prom nights and school discos across the world, so it's quite hard to find good copies these days. If you need any further details or would like to order this great raritry please call me, Matt on +44 (0) 1474 816054

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