Ozzy Osbourne covers John Lennon song for charity

Black Sabbath frontman marks what would have been the late Beatle's 70th birthday with song for Amnesty International

Ozzy Osbourne is marking the late John Lennon's birthday by releasing a cover of his 1971 song, How?, with proceeds going to Amnesty International.

The single is an extension of the charity's 2007 anthology Instant Karma, which saw acts such as U2 and Green Day covering Lennon classics. With permission from Yoko Ono, Osbourne recorded a mournful,
melancholy version of How? The accompanying music video, shot on the streets of New York, sees Osbourne dressed in black and carrying a bouquet of purple flowers. He walks to the Lennon memorial in Central Park, where he lays the flowers beside the word Imagine.

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