Annie Lennox gets festive with ‘A Christmas Cornucopia’…

Annie's Christmas Cornucopia ANNIE LENNOX 'A Christmas Cornucopia' [Release Date 15/11/2010]
One of the most successful, iconic and talented artists of the late 20th century is back – and back like you've never heard her before.
On November 15th 2010, Annie Lennox releases her sixth solo album. A Christmas Cornucopia is a collection of new, inspired interpretations of 11 traditional festive songs, rounded out by a new Lennox composition, 'Universal Child', available digitally from 12th October.
"I've known these songs, these carols all my life, I've sung them since I was little," says the songwriter and singer of 'The Holly And The Ivy', 'Silent Night', 'The First Noel' and other, less-widely-known songs such as 'Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant', and 'Lullay Lullay'. "They're just in me. They're a huge part of my life. So it's not an arbitrary selection. Those relationships with those pieces of music were there intrinsically before I approached the recording."
The music on the album was mostly played by Lennox, in collaboration with co producer Mike Stevens, and recorded in his southwest London studio – at the bottom of his garden. But to achieve the resonance and vibrancy that were integral to Lennox's ideas for these re-energized reboots, the pair also worked with a 30-piece orchestra at Pinewood Studios. And they travelled further afield too: to South Africa, to record with the African Children's Choir, a remarkable organization with which impassioned campaigner and activist Lennox has long had a relationship.
"The Island team were so enthusiastic, and so excited to be working with me, and I was blown away that they felt like that. It feels very energized, and fresh and new. And that's a great feeling for me." You can hear as much in A Christmas Cornucopia.

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