Classical Updates from 991

If you’ve been watching our classical section, you’ll see that we’ve just started adding records in earnest. Our intent is to add a broad range of recordings rather than focus on one composer at a time.  So far we’ve added works by the giants of classical music like Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven – but also recordings of the music of less well known composers like Sibelius and Khachaturian.

Perhaps it’s because classical records have a sheltered life compared to pop and rock, but it’s very hard to overstate just how good the condition of the majority of these records is.  If I pull a record out of our collection at random I can be pretty certain that it will be a mint vinyl with at least a near mint sleeve.  When you buy classical from us you can be certain of getting great recordings on great vinyl. Stay in touch with the latest additions here.


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