Zappa At The Roundhouse

Frank Zappa Flyer Zappa fans were given the treat of a lifetime this weekend as, for three days, The Roundhouse at Chalk Farm was devoted to the man, his genius & his legacy. With the support of the Zappa Family Trust, the venue became home to thousands of people of like mind. There were a select band of devotees that attended every day, but some people were only there for the concerts & what amazing concerts they were! On Friday, the London Contemporary Orchestra gave a spirited performance of 'The Yellow Shark', preceded by The Roundhouse's own RMC performing a medley that encompassed everything from Edgard Varese to Louie Louie! Saturday saw the crowds out in force for The Mighty Boosh & Frank's son Dweezil's 'Zappa Plays Zappa', who performed note perfect reproductions of a set of Frank's rock work including some pieces that Frank himself never performed live. The evening was enhanced by Moon Zappa taking her daughter Mathilda onto the stage for a family rendition of 'Valley Girl'. Sunday saw a return to the orchestral side of Frank with an amazing performance of both 'Music For Low Budget Orchestra' & 'Greggery Peccary'. With Gail, Moon and Diva Zappa in attendence all weekend, they made themselves very approachable & open to fans questions. Indeed, there were several Q&A sessions with Gail Zappa, various people from 'Team Zappa' to give answers on the technical side & welcome special guests Scott Thunes & Jeff Simmons to supply a musical perspective. If this wasn't enough for you, there was also a room devoted to the showing of every Zappa film that has been made so far, including a preview of a forthcoming Biopic that for now is called 'Zapped'. Illustrations of album covers, quotes, a 'Mixing Room' where you could play with four track excerpts of songs & even Zappa's Crappa. If you are a Zappa fan & didn't go, you missed out. With any luck, the festival was so successful that it is likely to become an annual event – So start saving now !!

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