Friday’s Top Three! Including Muse, Madonna and The Don Ellis Orchestra!

Muse-Exogenesis-Sympho-506689 MUSE Exogenesis: Symphony [Parts 1-3]

Limited edition 2010 US 5-track 12" vinyl single, released exclusively to celebrate Record Store Day on April 17th, this 12" is the only single format of Exogenesis: Symphony available and the B-side,featuring Live versions of Uprising and Resistance – recorded in Teignmouth and Lisbon respectively are only available on this single. The title sleeve is all in black and remains sealed from new.
**limited to 2000 copies**


Madonna-William-Orbit-307551 MADONNA / WILLIAM ORBIT William Orbit

Rare official 2002 US two-disc publishing CD set to support William Orbit's publishing catalogue. Sporting day-glo green playing surfaces and featuring 43 amazing tracks produced by William Orbit, this stunning and legendary rarity includes TEN Madonna tracks, most notably the exclusive and otherwise unavailable instrumental versions of Drowned World, Amazing, Ray Of Light and Mer Girl. Also included is a double-sideddisplay disc with complete tracklistsings. Housed inside a spectacular Lucite perspex spindle casement shell, this is THE Madonna-related rarity that many wish to covet but very few will ever get to own!

Don-Ellis-Electric-Bath---S-528947 THE DON ELLIS ORCHESTRA Electric Bath

Scarce 1968 UK 5-track stereo LP, the first studio recording by Don with Orchestra and an impressive one it is too, including the wonderful Turkish Bath and Open Beauty originals plus Indian Lady in 5/4 timeand New Horizons based on a musical cycle in 17/4 [divided into 5-5-7]! Like Dave Brubeck before him, playing with irregular time signatures was his forte, and Don delivers the goods on this, his masterpiece, now considered a 'new jazz' classic of the 60s. The front laminated picture sleeve and vinyl are near mint.

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