“From the New World”

180px-Dvorak1 Whilst in the UK Dvorak’s 9th symphony (sometimes referred to as the 5th symphony) has become irrevocably associated with a certain Hovis bread advert, it still remains one of the most familiar pieces of classical music in the world today and is certainly Dvorak’s most famous work.

When it was premiered at Carnegie Hall in 1893 was met with rapturous applause after every movement leaving the composer feeling obliged to take a bow each time, which apparently embarrassed him hugely.

Dvorak claimed that he was greatly influenced by Native and Afro-American spiritual music during his time in America.  In the 9th Symphony he melds elements of these traditions with bohemian folk music to create a truly multinational composition – which may go some way towards explaining the work’s enduring popularity.

As you might expect, we have a great many different copies of the New World Symphony in stock, each offering a different take on Dvorak’s masterpiece – you can find them all in our Dvorak catalogue, but here are just a few examples;


Dvorak-Symphony-No-9-New-530461   Dvorak-Symphony-No-9-Fro-528453 Dvorak-New-World-Symphon-524500 

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