On Bob Marley’s Birthday, a Look at Rita Marley’s Selfless Work in Ghana

All over the world, the Marley name has become synonymous with reggae music, rastafari, Jamaica and the ideals of love, hope, justice and unity. As devotees of the Marley legacy honor Bob's 66th birthday this weekend, I'd like to share a short film we at Explore.org did to shine a light on the Rita Marley Foundation and the amazing work she does in Ghana as the official Queen of Development (Nkoso-hene) of that region.

We had the chance to join Rita as she walked us through Konkonuru, a village in Ghana that she and the foundation have worked hard to rehabilitate and a place she now calls home. From building a new medical clinic and improving the drinking water to renovating a school and investing in that town's infrastructure, Konkoburu is just one example of Rita's fight against poverty and malnutrition in communities of less developed nations. As you will see, she truly embodies the selflessness, compassion and love that the Marley name has come to symbolize around the world.

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