The Weekend’s Top Three including a platinum GARTH BROOKS award, a limited edition FEAR FACTORY boxset plus TORI AMOS ‘A Piano’ collection

Garth Brooks award  GARTH BROOKS Garth Brooks

Official RIAA Certified US 6 x PLATINUM Award issued to commemorate American album sales in excess of 6,000,000 copies. This nicely framed and glazed award measures 18" x 26" in size, features the album artwork with sixcopies of the album [three either side] with a '6,000,000 Sales' cassette shell in the middle above the authentic, custom engraved dedication plaque, in the top left corner is a 'Liberty Records RIAA Certified' plaque with the RIAA 'R' stylehologram in the top right corner – all mouned on a green background with black surround and in a black coated wooden frame


FEAR FACTORY Mechanize Fear Factory Mechanize boxset

2010 UK Super Limited Fan Box Edition 11-track CD album – 'Mechanize' is a full-fisted blast of passion and innovation that sounds like the missing link betweens 1995's groundbreaking 'Demanufacture' and 1998's moretexturally nuanced Obsolete. Songs like 'Industrial Discipline' and 'Powershifter' are crushing and colossal, melding fast and precise rhythms with vocals that pinwheel from raw and scathing to hauntingly melodic while 'Fear Campaign', whichfeatures harrowing spoken word passages, quickly segues into a showcase of punishing beats, rapid fire riffs and ghostly keyboards. While 'Mechanize' is instantly reminiscent of Fear Factory's most potent moments of discovery, it's hardly a stroll down the old assembly line. Be it the orchestral keyboard swells of 'Christploitation', the keyboard-infused dirge of 'Final Exit', the taped screams and radio transmissions of 'Controlled Demolition' or the last gasp-under-shattered-glass samples of 'Metallic Division', the combination of technological advancements and experience of Fear Factory have evolved like a computer virus, constantly reconfiguring itself to maximize its destructive impact. This edition includes the Bonus Recording 'Crash Test', and comes presented in a digipak picture sleeve, which itself will be housed in a Tool Box complete with carpenter pencil, hammer, screwdriver, calliper, folding rule, measuring tape, patch [12cm x 5cm], poster, certificate with serial number and sticker!.


Tori Amos A Piano TORI AMOS A Piano: The Collection

Deleted 2006 UK issue US manufactured 5-CD set containing a total of 86 tracks bringing together a career spanning collection highlights selection from her studio albums plus b-sides, alternate mixes and previously unreleased recordings, presented in a unique and deluxe package resembling a piano keyboard, which comes complete with extensive booklet offering revealing track by track commentary penned by Amos, who discusses the inspiration behind each song. This copy has a deletion mark through the barcode, but remains sealed!

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