BBC4 rewinds Top of the Pops to 1976

Channel to show vintage episodes from equivalent week 35 years ago, starting in April

Viewers of a certain age have fond if hazy memories of Top Of The Pops from the 1970's, when the likes of Dave Lee Travis and Jimmy Savile presided over a cheesy circus of big hair and bad dancing.

From next Thursday BBC4 is giving viewers the chance to compare their memories with the reality, showing vintage Top of the Pops episodes from the equivalent week, starting in April 1976, in the now defunct music chart show's old BBC1 slot, 7.30pm.

The BBC4 controller, Richard Klein, said the network planned to continue with the weekly TV nostalgia experiment for at least a year – and possibly longer – depending on its popularity. Klein added that BBC4 had chosen April 1976 as a starting point because that was when the corporation began keeping every episode of TOTP. Before that its archive of the show, which ran between 1964 and 2006, is more patchy.

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