The Beatles – Another Fantastically Rare, Must Have Piece Of History!

What we have here is an insight into the life [and resultant spelling] of a mischievious fifteen year old girl who lived in London at the dawn of the whirlwind decade that the sixties were to become. She and her friend used to regularly skip school on Wednesdays [tut, tut] to go to a live lunchtime Radio Programme, 'Pop Inn', that was broadcast from a studio in Piccadilly. They became regular visitors & familiar faces to one of the groups that usedto perform on the show, Gerry And The Pacemakers. During this time, being classic early sixties pop fans, they had their little 2" x 3" autograph book with them & acquired the autographs of Gerry[of the Pacemakers], who just signed 'Love Gerry' as they were familiar faces by then. At the time they also obtained the autograph of Cliff Richard. They then went to see Gerry And The Pacemakers at the Majestic in Finsbury Park on Wednesday 24th April 1963. This was the third of Brian Epstein's 'Mersey Beat Showcase' concerts with The Big Three, Billy J Kramer & another Liverpool group, The Beatles. An interesting comment in her diary at the time was 'Before today, we didn't like The Beatles much, but now we do'. The groups were very accessable in those early days & stayed around and chatted with fans. During this time, she got George Harrison & John Lennon to sign the book too [being fans now]. A month later, The Beatles played The Granada in Walthamstow as support to Roy Orbison. Hanging around the stage door after the show, they also obtained the autograph of the tour headliner Roy Orbison as well as bumping into their old friends Gerry And the Pacemakers & once more meeting the Beatles. As there was a second house that day, the girls actually left another Autograph book with John Lennon in order for him to get a complete set of autographs for them later, as by that time the others had disappeared. That, however, is another story. On offer here is that first little autograph book, containing the clear & unhurried autographs of Gerry [Marsden], Cliff Richard, Roy Orbison, John Lennon & George Harrison. In addition to this, we also have photocopies of the girl's diaries from these days with two separate sheets detailing the memories of the events over forty five years ago, before 'Beatlemania' made events like these impossible to ever happen again. This is a spectacular item to see & would be a jewel to own!

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