Yoko Ono scores sixth straight US dance number one

The Billboard Dance Club chart is filled with a myriad of hot acts and newcomers from Katy Perry to Selena Gomez, Florence & the Machine to Martin Solveig….and one 78 year old woman.

This week, Yoko Ono posts her sixth straight number 1 on the Dance Club Play chart with Move on Fast. Overall, it's her eighth number one out of 16 singles that made that chart, an amazing 500 batting average.

Yoko's first dance hit was 1981's Walking on Thin Ice, the song that she and John Lennon were working on before he was killed while walking back to their home in the Dakota. It reached number 13 on the dance chart and was followed in 1985 with Hell in Paradise (#12).

Starting at the beginning of the new century, a number of DJ's started taking Yoko's earlier work and remixing it for dance club play. Three singles charted in 2001 and 2002 but it was 2003's remix of Walking on Thin Ice that propelled her to the top of the Dance chart for the first time. Now billing herself as ONO, the big string of hits started in 2004 with the remix of Hell in Paradise which reached number 4. She followed it with Everyman… Everywoman… (2004), her second number 1, You're the One (2007), which peaked at number 2, and the current streak of six chart toppers, No, No, No (2007), Give Peace a Chance (2008), I'm Not Getting Enough (2009), Give Me Something (2010), Wouldnit (I'm a Star) (2010) and the current Move on Fast.

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