A Common Existence…

The crossover of Metal, Rock and Punk sub-genres is no fresh news but although it's been a particularly distinctive past decade of bands branching their roots out to even further experimental and progressive pastures – the latest direction for genre-bending bands like Bring Me The Horizon [with their aggressive hardcore infused with bursts of samples and moments of calm] and Protest The Hero [taking heavy, technical metal to an admirably catchy level] is producing some innovative sounds - if not always original then certainly thought provoking and definitely impressive…
Bring Me The Horizon,There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret,UK,CD ALBUM,520347
We felt it only right to highlight our diverse offering of these ambassadors of fresher musical blood with the likes of Gallows [taking punk back to wider audiences], bands like Thursday [re-inventing (at least some spokes) of the indie-punk wheel sharing split releases with post-rock bands], Metal-core flagship Killswitch Engage [bringing high energy, speed and melody to classic Heavy Metal] and Australian prog-rockers Karnivool [turning heads on their past two European tours and helping to make prog a 'clean' word again!].
If there's a common thread to be found here it's in the writing and attitude of being forward thinking and open minded with nods to the past but used as a catalyst to create more exciting sounds rather than musical verbatim – onwards!

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