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"The term post-rock was coined by Simon Reynolds in issue 123 of The Wire (originally released – May 1994) to describe a sort of music "using rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes, using guitars as facilitators of timbres and textures rather than riffs and powerchords." (source: prog-archives)


Here's a brief overview of some of the prime movers of today's post-rock sound that we're highly pleased to have some great items on offer for…

Starting with Tortoise, who with a distinctly electronic, almost brittle texture to their music made the 'minimalistic' sound enthralling and influential early 90's American band Slint who's sparse and dense atmospherics helped develop the post/math rock genres to new depths. Almost as a resounding celebration of these sounds came Mogwai who, as likely contenders for leaders of the genre with their unmistakable outputs like the incomparable 'Zidane' film soundtrack, epitomise the building soundscapes that have become a key denominator in identifying the sound of the 'scene'. 

Other 'must mention' bands would have to be Godspeed You Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky who, both in their own exacting ways have spent the last 10 years crafting the sublime lonely-guitar-picked intro's and crushingly yet melodic climaxes to their instrumental soundtracks on reflection – and not forgetting Sigur Ros – the masters of the 'sublime' from Iceland, delivering delicate melody with their native (and at times own invented language – Magma from years past springing to mind here!) hovering over pulsating progression.

We're committed to keeping a healthy flow of classics like Mogwai's Come On Die Young or Tortoise's Millions Now Living Will Never Die to maintain a range of delights from the genre here in the 991 archives to help keep the post-rock carousel boldly turning ever on!

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