Just In…From The Storm

Classic, original, iconic, fuzzbox, Stratocasters, wah-wah pedals, breakers and shakers – just some of the words that spring to mind when you think of the great British and American heavy blues guitarists and bands that started everything that lead to the rock music we know today and like a rollin' stone we've been gathering up the cream of the crop…with legendary live performances from Jimi Hendrix to influential Eric Clapton albums knockin' on the door setting the wheels of fire in motion when it comes to stunning hard to find collectables becoming available once again…
Along with classics from Jimi and rarities from Cream we've had a mouth watering collection of staple items and unique goodies by The Who from beautiful Japanese issues to scarce promo solo releases. And for those of you that prefer the tuning stepped down and the amps turned up we're currently standing back admiring a serious stack of Black Sabbath mini-LP replicas and deluxe editions to die for!
So Come On, don't Wait Until Tomorrow it's time for some heavy, geetar burnin' Summertime Blues!

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