Euro-Prog Special, including Goblin, Le Orme, Ange, Kyrie Eleison, Omega & more

Ever since Joanna Newsom released Ys have hipsters been quick to name check an obscure Italian Prog album with the same title from 34 years previous by a band called Il Balletto Di Bronzo. With said hipsters having found this to be a cult masterpiece of the kind that would put Mars Volta to shame, some felt the need to delve deeper. After all, Krautrock had reached celebrity status; but what of Italian Prog? And who the hell were Kyrie Eleison?

Although we've yet to find a serviceable copy of the original Ys record in question, we have found other Italian delights. Not least of all a number of rare soundtracks by the Italian Prog-maestros, Goblin.


Goblin-Volo-539406 Goblin-Contamination-539404Goblin-Amo-Non-Amo---I-L-539405

Elsewhere, we're talking limited Japanese issues of Mauro Pelosi albums, in particular La Stagione Per Morire, which features Gianni Leone of Il Balletto Di Bronzo on mellotron duties. Tasty selections by Le Orme and Pooh are also up for grabs, but we don't stop there. On our Prog travels we've leapt across the pond to the land of snails and frog legs to sample the French pomp of Ange. Even Hungary's Omega. You can try and tame it all you like, but really, the wild excesses of Prog live on!


Le-Orme-Verit-Nascoste-539501 Kyrie Eleison Omega-The-Hall-Of-Float-539436

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