The Mars Volta to play with Soundgarden…

A rather exciting prospect has come to light in the form of the recently reunited grunge-rock legends Soundgarden having the mutual honour of tour support in July 2011 coming from prog maestros The Mars Volta for a few very special select shows…

The promise of an unforgettable meeting of classic original grunge rock and mind-bending modern prog sharing the same stage just had to get a mention! So, although this almighty meeting of minds and music may not be landing on UK shores perhaps it might just produce a live recording? We can but hope on that score but with Soundgarden's superb retrospective Telephantasm [which treats fans to a look back on their classic material plus features a teasing new song supporting rumours of a new record] up for grabs…and The Mars Volta currently working on a mysterious new album [that promises to be 'Future Punk'] on the horizon (not to mention, the last brilliant studio album Octahedron!) it's nothing short of high anticipation for these two fantastic bands and there next future ventures….

In the meantime make sure you keep an eye on our catalogues of tasty collectables for both of these great bands to keep your pulse in check!

Go here for more news on the shows

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