Killer Smiles and thoughts of Jello

East Bay Ray, guitarist and founder of Dead Kennedys has announced an upcoming new release by his new project Killer Smiles due out September 2011. The new self-titled album will be the band's debut, produced by Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary and features vocals from lyricist Skip McSkipster of Wynonna Riders.

 The-killer-smiles-cover-e1311789026295  Skip has also provided Dead Kennedys with live vocals on recent tours following a string of vocalists who have filled in the gap left by lead singer Jello Biafra who parted ways with the band after their split in 1986 but did not return for their 2001 reunion. Though after much water [and red tape] under the bridge 'East Bay' has declared in recent interviews that he would be open to working with Jello once again… here's hoping!

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