Nevermind….In Bloom

For those who recall seeing the music video for 'Smell's Like Teen Spirit' and subsequently heading for their nearest Record Store to exchange their C+C Music Factory and Snap 12"s and such like [apologies to remaining C+C Music Factory and Snap fans] for a copy of this great album, September marks the release of Nevermind  Nirvana's global surprise chart smashing album that altered the face of mainstream music in 1991…

Nirvana,Nevermind,Japan,SHM CD,543078  To commemorate this seminal album, Universal Music are set to release a stunning selection of limited edition vinyl and CD box sets plus deluxe and Super High Material CD editions of this grunge-rock classic later this month - all crammed full of unheard and unseen live mixes and previously unreleased extras with lush packaging!





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