Friday’s Top Three! Including A Rare Kate Bush Singles Boxset, A Venom Debut 7″ And A Scarce Abba Promo LP!

Kate-Bush-The-Single-File-1-03832KATE BUSH The Single File 1978-83

Scarce 1983 UK EMI 7" vinyl single box set. This comprehensive issue – now over 20 years old – comprises 13 x 7" singles housed inside a gold embossed flip top box complete with 16-page picture and lyric bookletwhich has a facsimilie signed title page with a special message from Kate saying 'I hope you enjoy this collection'! Both box and contents are all in stunning MINT condition.

Venom-In-League-With-Sa-464647VENOM In League With Satan

Very rare 1981 UK debut 7" vinyl single that for some reason didn't get an awful lot of airplay at the time, also featuring Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil, great picture sleeve with their familiar goat's head pentagram on the front & a nice picture of the lads relaxing by paddling at Whitby Bay on the back. This copy is in quite astonishing MINT condition, super hard to find in this so grab it while you can!

Abba-Abbacadabra-329969ABBA Abbacadabra

Rare 1983 French 6-track promotional vinyl LP soundtrack to the French children's musical based on songs from the pop group Abba. Frida was invited to play the part of "Belle au bois dormant" (Sleeping Beauty), and recorded thesong (a cover of ABBA's 1976 instrumental track "Arrival") "Belle" as a duet with Daniel Balavoine. Unique fully laminated 'Special Radio' picture sleeve.

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