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Record CollectorHere is the editor's intro from last week's R.C. Newsletter; apologies for the tardiness on our part but enjoy it now … only three days until the next one!

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It’s been a great couple of weeks for singles, which we’ll be reviewing for the next issue, out on December 29. There’s a couple in particular that have had me coming over all unnecessary; what is it about 7” that turns heads?! In the meantime our new issue has been drawing a very positive reaction, both in the shops and on the web, what with the Led Zeppelin IV story and our Christmas picks. And the Julian Lennon interview has been mentioned in everywhere from The Telegraph to OK magazine. OK? Really? Don’t worry, we won’t be putting Katie Price in RC any time soon… unless it turns out she’s an Emerson, Lake & Palmer collector or something similar. Anyway, we always preferred Stacia.

I had a great time DJing at the Blues Legacy Festival two Sundays ago – if anyone wants to see the playlist (and mock!?) feel free to have a look here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/note.php?note_id=153169924784010 However, I just bookended and punctuated a great day of LIVE music and I was knocked out by the talent on show. Lots of highlights but two acts stood out for me at opposite ends of the experience spectrum: John O’Leary, the former Savoy Brown harmonica player and vocalist, who delivered a stunning set of Junior Wells-styled tunes in the company of a fired-up house band; and Paul Garner, who, fronting a pickup trio, looked like the future of British blues – he’s a great guitarist, a fine singer and the guy can move. The blues lives. Thanks to all who came along and said hello – RC is proud to have been involved with this worthy cause. The British Blues Archive is in its infancy: find out more at http://britishbluesarchive.org/

Some great stories brewing for the new year. Can’t give the details away yet but they include one of the biggest collections of music ever released; the facts about a legendary label of the prog and psych era, a brilliant 80s band and some original rock’n’roll heroes… plus all your favourite regular features and a few surprises.

Thank you for all your support,

Best wishes

Ian McCann, Editor In Chief


In the current issue of Record Collector magazine:  RC Xmas

Led Zeppelin: Zep expert Dave Lewis reveals the meaning of the runes on their fourth, magnum opus

Deep Purple: main man Ian Gillan recalls waking up Cliff Bennett, and Don Airey guides us through his Top 121 projects.

Flying Nun: we lift the lid on the 80s indie scene in New Zealand.

Sleighed Alive: the Ed. picks 31 festive Christmas cuts that won’t make you want to OD on the sherry trifle.

Julian Lennon: an exclusive personal guide to his favourite Fabs memorabilia, and memories of John.  
Steve Roden: a sepia-tinged trip into ancient Americana.

R&B to Reggae: how one genre led to another.

The Jesus And Mary Chain: a fine Reid with the gothic siblings.



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