Saturday’s Top Three! Including A Pink Floyd Sandstone Pyramid, The Beatles Twisting And ‘A Shouting And A Duran Duran Tour Sampler CD!

Pink-Floyd-The-Dark-Side-Of-554334PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon Pyramid

Rare 1990 UK limited edition item that has to be one of the most unusual CD boxes ever made. Inside, you will find the familiar ten track CD, along with an individually numbered certificate saying that this copy is number 403 of 2000 made. What's so special about this CD Box ? Well the 7" square recessed wooden base is normal enough, but less so is the 6½" square & 5" high glitter blue carved sandstone Pyramid that sits on top of it. The recess is accessed by rotating the base off of its ball bearing retaining lug. This thing is a monster & is unlikely to fit in any CD rack that you currently own, but might come in handy for maiming burglars, should the need arise. A very rare & unusual Pink Floyd item!


The-Beatles-Twist--Shout---Gr-266403THE BEATLES Twist & Shout

1969 issue of the 1963 4-track 7" vinyl E.P. with intact push-out centre & 'The Gramophone Co' label perimeter text, also including A Taste Of Honey, There's A Place and Do You Want To Know A Secret, front laminated flipback picture sleeve.


Duran-Duran-The-Tour-Sampler-20138DURAN DURAN The Tour Sampler

1993 US Capitol 16-track promotional-only PICTURE DISC CD album issued to commemorate the 1993 tour, housed in a custom tour digipak picture sleeve with US tour dates on the inside front cover.


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