Your Chance To Own Kate Bush’s Handwritten Lyrics For ‘Deeper Understanding’!

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A unique piece with amazing provenance. In 1989, when Kate was looking for a North American deal for 'The Sensual World', she played the album to several US Columbia staff in London. The A&R manager at the time invited Kate to the US, in order to play the album to others at the label. Kate is not the world's greatest flyer, but she went. During the playback session in New York, she was asked to provide the lyrics for 'Deeper Understanding', which she wrote out for them. This amazing item comes direct from the head of A&R for Columbia at the time, who had the lyrics matted & framed shortly after & hung them in his office. Now, many years later, he has decided to part with this treasure. Measuring 10" x 15" each & quite obviously in Kate's own hand, these two matted sheets of lyrics, nicely finished with 'Love from Kate xxx' at the bottom, are in superb unfaded condition as this is the first time they have been out of their frame since 1989. Recently partially re-recorded for 'Director's Cut', this stands as a total one off with perfect provenance that deserve re-framing to hang proudly on your wall! See the full listing here.


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