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Record Collecting in a Digital Era

 Vinyl may not be the everybody's music format of choice these days, what with instant digital downloads at people's fingertips; but that doesn't mean that it's on it's way to extinction. In fact, far from it! Even though it's no surprise that rock legends like The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones and others continue to turn huge profits on the sale of vinyl to collectors and devoted fans, bands such as the Foo Fighters, Beck and even up-and-coming bands (teenagers and artists in their 20's) release vinyl records and single LP's.

Easy Ways to Find Records

Collecting in a digital era is perhaps a little easier than it was twenty or thirty years ago. Using the Internet, you can easily contact record collectors and distributers all over the world via email or through their Facebook pages. You can also sign up to receive alerts about upcoming auctions, conferences, tradeshows and local swap meets through retailers, collector's associations or local clubs and organizations. Else, there are a wealth of different websites that concentrate on selling vinyl. You can even search online using websites like to find both obscure and common titles. With a new generation of listeners experiencing the clarity of vinyl recordings, the demand for records has actually gone up slightly in recent years. This is great news for collectors, because the value of their collections continues to rise. And even though the demand may have increased, there is so much vinyl floating around, collectors should not have much difficulty finding what they need to create a unique and outstanding record collection.

The Magical Sounds of Vinyl

Ask most people, those in the music industry and those with no association – just an appreciation for good music, vinyl just sounds better. This is because sound compression is limited when imprinting on vinyl. CD's can hold more compressed sound, which is great for getting as many songs as possible onto one portable CD, but the sound quality definitely suffers. Vinyl, even records with pops and hisses and pronounced skips, have a clear, simple sound that's refreshing for the listener. Many musicians and music technicians agree that vinyl allows listeners to hear a song the way the artist intended.

Sitting Around the Turntable

In addition to clear, crisp sound, there's something really cool about sitting around the turntable with a bunch of friends listening and talking about the music, life and everything in between. Record albums have that little something extra that CD's and downloads don't provide – fabulous artwork and liner notes. Many discussions, fights, make-ups, break-ups and truths have been revealed during conversations about cover art and musical artist intent.

A Return to Vinyl

Though there have been many wonderful advances in the digital age of music (portability, shareability, global access, etc.), vinyl is still one of the best musical mediums ever created. There will always be collectors and listeners of vinyl. The digital era has made vinyl even more important and essential today because of the sound quality and socialization aspects. Because there's truly nothing better than sitting around and having to get up and flip over an album. The anticipation of hearing beautiful, clear sounds and discussions that follow just can't be replicated through the digital media of today.

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