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991.com is pleased to bring you excerpts from the latest edition of the R.C. Weekly Newsletter…

Record Collector

Hoorah – we are officially 400 years old! Or something

The special 400th edition of the magazine is now in the shops, featuring 400 rare gems selected (mostly) by Ian Shirley, editor of the Rare Record Price Guide. When we started, there probably weren’t 400 rare records worth talking about, and a gold and black edition of The Beatles’ Please, Please Me was worth 38p. Although you could go on a 10-day holiday to the Bahamas for 17p or buy a detached house in Millionaire’s Row for 29 guineas.


Now there are at least 400 records worth quite a bit more than that. I guess they call that inflation, although that term may just refer to the increase in my waist size between now and 1979, when we first walked the earth, dodging the dinosaurs. Seriously, Record Collector is the longest-established monthly music magazine in the UK – and what’s more, we do it 13 times a year. Which is a miracle at our advanced age.

Also in our 400th issue: Jerry Shirley talks about Humble Pie; Sonja Kristina talks about Curved Air; we have a fantastic piece on Liverpool’s renaissance as a rock city after punk, which included The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and the mighty Eric’s club; plus Ian McNabb has a word with us, as do Unisonic, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Counting Crows, Halestorm and Dave Stewart. We identify an unlikely place to find rare vinyl and review releases by Bruce Springsteen, Dio and Graham Coxon, among others. RC 400, in the shops now. I’d buy it if I didn’t get a copy for nowt. Oh, and if you know who those four geezers on the right of the cover near Kylie are, you are a mature prog rocker of some distinction…

Not a great week for vinyl hunting for me; I’ve ordered a few mail order bits which haven’t turned up yet; went on a wild goose chase in search of a 12” I’m (still, sigh) after on Saturday; I did find Non Stop Soul, a bizarre James Brown album on Polydor which features his productions knitted together, at Notting Hill’s Music & Video Exchange. Other than that, the pickings have been slim. Hope you’ve done better…

Thank you for reading


Ian McCann, Record Collector Editor



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