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Record Collector – where The Beatles meet Cockney Rejects while Eloy float in the sky above. We’re hard at it, so to speak, on the next issue. With the London International Ska Festival on the way we have a look at Madness’ take on the music, and hear the band’s memories of the early days of 2Tone. Some great tales will be coming your way in issue 401. In the meantime, reports from the retailer-customer interface tell us that RC 400 has been flying out of the shops, so thank you for all your support, dear readers. We are in your debt.

I spent last week out and about in search of vinyl – I think they call that a holiday. Best thing I found was a copy of Over The Wall We Go by OscarBowie connection, but Oscar is Paul Nicholas (yes, Grandma’s Party Paul Nicholas), so it’s a mixed blessing. He is the son of The Who’s lawyer, I believe, and hence had Townshend (Join My Gang) and Bowie writing for him. The odd thing is that his best record was the one without their involvement, the freakbeat-meets-Northern soul Club Of Lights, a tune I feel in love with in the mid-70s when I found it at a junkshop and thought, “Duh, The Who’s label, that might be good.” The same impulse landed me a single by West Point Supernatural, although that’s not so fantastic. You don’t need me to tell you that it’s that much harder to find these kinda things cheap nowadays, and 99 per cent of the time I don’t, but maybe there are bargains still out there to be had. Classical music is one area, but it’s never floated my boat – too hard to dance to apart from the Viennese waltzes – so I know nowt about it, but for sure there are some dance 12” turning up in charity shops that are worth dosh if you can identify them. But the joy is in the hunt as much as the finding, and it’s better to travel in hope than to arrive in disappointment… keep searching.

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Ian McCann, Record COllector Editor

In the 400th Issue:-

W468_2032151_rc400400 rare gems selected (mostly) by Ian Shirley, editor of the Rare Record Price Guide.

Jerry Shirley talks about Humble Pie

Sonja Kristina talks Curved Air.

A fantastic piece on Liverpool’s renaissance as a rock city after punk, which included the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and the mighty Eric’s club

Plus Ian McNabb has a word with us, as do Unisonic, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Counting Crows, Halestorm and Dave Stewart.

And we identify an unlikely place to find rare vinyl, and review releases by Bruce Springsteen, Dio and Graham Coxon, among others

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