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The new Record Collector? It’s out. Every month it’s like taking an exam. Except we are allowed to chew gum, chat, copy each other’s answers, use a calculator and look our classmates’ legs absent-mindedly while thinking of what we’re going to write. (Not that our legs are any kind of inspiration whatsoever.) Did we pass? That’s the nice bit – you get to decide. And you don’t have to ink any certificates in your best handwriting. Personally, I think this is a rather strong issue (although I would say that, wouldn’t I?). Fabulous cover feature on Blur; we have a fascinating story about the unknown land that is Irish rock before the Lizzy made it; we steal a breakfast from Bear Family records and find out just how come they make those unbelievable box sets; staying in Germany a moment, there’s a look at the career of Can; we talk to Vince Eager, the Brit rocker Eddie Cochran wanted to produce; and we recall Willy DeVille, the greatest artist that everyone thinks is just a one-hit nit. And that’s just the big stories… elsewhere you’ll find Keith Hudson, Philly soul, Ginger of The Wildhearts, Killing Joke, Marillion, synthpop, Beatles 78s, and so much other stuff that my tiny brain falls out, hits the floor with a tinny clank! and rolls in the dusty dark zone under the fridge just from thinking about it. Record Collector 403 – it’s blue for you and in the shops now.

I received a nice letter from a gentleman who asked about the best way to organise his collection. I’d wondered as much about my own one. Most of the records I want to lay hands on, I can, but from time to time one goes astray and it’s a nightmare. As anyone who collects particular genres where the artist records without even thinking about us poor collectors, it’s a particular problem. What if a singer records singles for 20 different labels in the space of a year, and those labels issue those records with a different artist on the B-side? Do you file under one artist or another? One title or another? Under the label? The producer? The year? There is no logical way of doing it. Or perhaps there is… How do you do it yourself (to recall the great Ian Dury)? All suggestions of more than four letters gratefully received.

What have we been listening to – apart from Ian Shirley humming obscure synthpop tunes while going mad proofreading the 2014 edition of the Rare Record Price Guide? Reviews ed Jason Draper’s been up to his haircut in Roxy Music; every other week another King Crimson album arrives and the aforementioned Ian fills his head with it; I’m enjoying Charly’s 180g vinyl reissue of Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake and I’ve been amusing myself with a Clash 7” and Chickenfoot slaughtering Immigrant Song on YouTube. I’m not quite recommending it, by the way, but here it is all the same

Hope you have a great week. Summer will be along soon. Or next year

Ian McCann,

Record Collector Editor

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