Vinyl Record Search is now Vinyl Stall

The creators behind Vinyl Record Search have decided on a new brand and face lift.

This new facelift is For those of you that haven’t heard of either Vinyl Record Search or the site offers users a free, simple to use price comparison tool for vinyl records online. Behind the Concept Record collecting can be a). Expensive and b).

Time consuming Vinyl Stall aims to speed up the record searching process, and also allow you to get a better price for your records.

Reasons to Love

•The data that comes back is live from the vinyl stores at the moment that you click search – you don’t need to worry about getting old price information

•Vinyl Stall loves to hear feedback – if you feel that there is a store missing from the results, we will do our best to incorporate that store in the future

•Simple and easy to use – one click and you have your results

But thats not all. Vinyl Stall doesn’t just want to be a simple search tool. We understand that there is a whole community of record collectors out there that like to read vinyl articles and interact. Vinyl Stall is releasing free articles for its users to read. And in fact, we are always looking for additional writers. So, if you are passionate about music and vinyl, and enjoy writing, please get in touch.

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