Saturday’s Top Three! Including An Ultra Rare Blind Faith Japanese Pressing, A 90’s Vinyl Mariah Carey And A Yardbirds Demo!

Blind-Faith-Blind-Faith---Ori-436220BLIND FAITH Blind Faith

Another spectacular find from our recent Japanese buying sortie, this one has all the bells & whistles. An original December 1969 Nippon Grammophon pressing Japanese vinyl LP, complete with heavy duty pasted gatefold picture sleeve, alternate cover artwork card poster insert and the super-rare red Polydor obi-strip. Apart from some light signs of age foxing on the card insert, and a few light hairline surface marks on the vinyl this copy is otherwise innear mint condition, with the rest remaining in an outstanding condition. Quite simply the best you are ever likely to see. Wonderful!


Mariah-Carey-Thank-God-I-found-570243MARIAH CAREY Featuring JOE, NAS & 98° Thank God I found You

Rare 1999 Dutch pressed 4-track mix 12", featuring the Make It Last Remix Edit featuring Joe & Nas, Make It Last Remix without Rap featuring Joe, Make It Last Remix Instrumental and Celebratory Mix featuring Joe & 98°. Housed in a unique blue bordered picture sleeve, this copy was exported for the Asian market and has a small import sticker on the front, comes still in the original open shrink and therefore has very little signs of age; the vinyl is immaculate.


The-Yardbirds-Over-Under-Sidewa-451965THE YARDBIRDS Over Under Sideways Down

Classic original 1966 UK Columbia 'A' label DEMO 2-track 7'' MONO vinyl single with intact 4-prong push out centre,also including Jeff's Boogie, a Jeff Beck special! The condition of this wonderful rarity is spectacular Near Mint with no marks or blemishes on the vinyl itself and only mid discolouration to the labels. Upon play testing there is only a very slight ambient hum, but only adding the to atmosphere of this timeless piece, thereare no pops, or clicks, or anything that effects the sound. No real Yardbirds collection is complete without this striking rarity, and this is one of the best condition copies of this you are likely to find.

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