Monday’s Top Three! Including A Flipping Rare Beatles Pakistani Multicoloured Vinyl Single, Scarce Harold Mcnair On Vinyl And A Kate Bush First Pressing!

The-Beatles-Cant-Buy-Me-Love-573816THE BEATLES Can't Buy Me Love

Extremely rare 1964 Pakistani 7" vinyl single with intact four prong centre, pressed on BLUE/GREEN SPLATTER MULTICOLOURED VINYL, also including You Can't Do That, complete with theoriginal EMI die cut paper sleeve, just as it was issued. Only six singles are known to have been released in Pakistan and of those, only two were previously known to have been pressed on coloured vinyl, 'Love Me Do' and 'Strawberry Fields'. Thisis a third single, not previously widely reported as existing. The vinyl on this copy is free of any obvious scratches and visually looks to be at least in excellent condition. Given the rarity of this issue worldwide, we can guarantee that even if you could find another at all, it would certainly not better this copy. A staggering find!


Harold-McNair-Harold-McNair-331514HAROLD MCNAIR Harold McNair

Rare 1972 UK 7-track LP including the fabulous live epic, the 12:45 'Spacecraft' & featuring the talents of Spike Heatley, Tony Carr & Bill Le Sage. Also includes the beautiful Indecision and the classic jazz dancer 'The Hipster'! The matt picture sleeve shows a little edge wear but is still excellent, the all-important vinyl however remains MINT. Highly recommended!


Kate-Bush-The-Kick-Inside--95253KATE BUSH The Kick Inside

Original 1978 UK first pressing limited edition 13-track vinyl PICTURE DISC LP featuring two different full colour photographs of Kate, with machine stamped numbers in run-off grooves, housed in a custom stickered picture sleeve.

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