Some of the Finest Death Metal of all Time

Death metal is a
genre that is either mocked by some other areas of the metal scene, or seen as
"just noise" by anyone who does not understand the genre. For thos unfamiliar,
Death metal combines fast intricate guitar playing, with blast beat drumming,
and low end guttural vocals. There are variations of this where elements of
melody have been added, Thrash Metal, and in some cases, almost Jazz-like time
signatures, which would later be taken to the next level by the Djent scene of
bands. Lyrical themes and artwork usually were based around violence, religion,
and horror, often with more of a positive message than is seen on the surface,
and was never intended to influence, more just used as a release of
Any negative views
that come with Death Metal should be pushed aside, as we recently acquired a
fantastic collection of rare and sought after Death Metal and related genres.
Below are some essential purchases that if you are new to the genre, are must
haves for your collection,

Individual Thought Patterns
– Very Rare 1993 Uk 10-track vinyl LP, with picture
sleeve, and lyric inner. The fifth album from one of the most influential death
metal acts of all time. Carrying on from their album Human, by incorporating
elements of free jazz into their sound which added much more technicality to
their signature death metal sound. This would go on to influence an entire
generation of progressive metal acts. Includes fantastic pieces such as In Human
Form, Trapped In A Corner, and Out Of touch 
CORPSE The Bleeding
– Very Rare 1994 UK 10-track vinyl LP, with the origin
5_cannibal_corpse_bleed_cen censored 
picture sleeve which was uncensored on the later remastered version,
and was a rare turn of course for Cannibal Corpse who usually had horrifically
graphic artwork. Although this sleeve was pretty tame for them, the music itself
was more ferocious and visceral than ever, and remains one of Cannibal Corpse's
finest moments to date. Cannibal Corpse are the biggest selling US Death metal
band of all time with album sales shifting well over the 1 million mark, which
is a massive achievement for a band that have almost no commercial backing, and
their work is nothing short of genius. Essential

– Rare 1987 10-track vinyl LP, with picture sleeve and
lyric/picture inner. The second full length from arguably the best metal band to
come out of Brazil, and was the first to feature newly recruited Andreas Kisser
on guitar, who bought a more Thrash metal sound to the band as before this they
were heavily influenced by Death metal. This was the album that saw them sign to
Roadrunner, who signed the band before they had even seen them play live!
Includes such classic tracks as From The Past Comes The Storm, and Troops Of
also have some items back in stock from the more commercial end of the Thrash
Metal genre from heavyweights such as Slayer, Testament, Napalm Death and Judas
, so head to to browse our entire

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