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People of Basildon,
East Kilbride, Enfield; those passing through Heathrow’s Terminal 5;
Lancaster, and Leadenhall Market, where I
used to shop at lunchtimes, you are among the latest folk to be deprived of an
HMV. It’s not only you: there are 37 locations set for the chop. Elton
will be performing at stores up and down the country in an attempt to
support the ailing chain; the Shop
might be more
appropriate… if only there was a safety net for the people being put out of
work. There’s debate on HMV’s fate in RC’s letters page and you can
expect more to come. The record shops are still out there, but online; you might
have more choice on eBay or Amazon, you might be lucky enough to have a record
fair on your doorstep, but nothing beats going through the racks and
knowledgeable staff who know what you like. Our list of UK and Irish record
shops which are alive and kicking is here.

we’re on the subject of redundancy, I was somewhat alarmed to see that the old
are now in the way, according to BBC Breakfast yesterday. It seems that
old people are hogging all the jobs that rightfully belong to young folk. I am
not officially old, quite, but it seems to me that bunging old people out of
work means that the young will only have to support them; better to get the old
to pay their own national insurance, and actually try to create proper jobs for
the kids, I’d have thought. It’s like 1977 all over again: remember the punk
wars, when the old who liked prog and glam
and metal were “in the way”? That’s where we are today, except that instead of
being part of musical hype, it’s now a matter for political debate. Pathetic.
Here are those brave warriors for youth, Generation X… on a show fronted
by the er, childlike Marc Bolan. as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HTI76H0Ojc.
Besides which, who was up for Best Live Act at The Brits? The Stones. And
don’t talk to me about the winners, Coldplay… Pity those poor punks who
fought and died in vain…  

Thank you for

a great week


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector

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