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A previous newsletter
featured a clip of I’m In Love With My Car, and it seems the sentiment of the
song was mutual. Cars love Queen. Or at least, car-owners do. Or at
least, car owners who obtain insurance cover from Tesco. Or at least, car owners
who obtain insurance cover from Tesco who responded to a survey about the music
they play in their car. Nearly three-quarters of the people surveyed crowned
Queen as their ideal driving music. Adele came second. Regionally, the
Midlands plumped for Meatloaf and Will Young, and Gerry
and The Killers scored highly in mid-Wales. Dahn in Landan
they like Madness of course gor blimey good an’ proper geezer, and Ed
, and Cheshire preferred Sting (there must be Russians in the
football enclave of Alderley Edge). This is, of course, of limited interest to
vinyl-addicted RC readers, because
car record
are a bit hard to come
by. Which begs the question, what do I listen to in my own blue
(I wished)? Radio 5
Live gets regular airings, as does Andrew Marr’s audiobook The Making Of
Modern Britain
. And Lee Dorsey, heard adapting one of his tunes for
fun and profit

In other news, I see
they’ve unearthed Richard the Third in a Leicester car park (unTarmacked might
be a better word) but my only interest in him is as rhyming slang. Of far more
import to my tiny mind is the unearthing of a third Robert Johnson
photograph, probably some distance from
Leicester. I own a Robert Johnson album, King Of The Delta Blues Singers
(it actually belongs to my long-suffering, but I like to imagine it’s mine) and
there’s no photograph on it, because it dates from 1961 and none were discovered
until 1973. (The painting on the sleeve depicts Johnson from above as a heroic
humble tortured artiste on the homestead porch, sat crouched over his guitar,
rather than a hard-drinkin’, womanisin’, besuited playa in a big hat who might
terrify the well-meaning student petals who’d buy his record.) This new pic
shows him with fellow blues legend Johnny Shines, and one of the things
that confirmed it is definitely him was
Johnson’s exceptionally long fingers, clearly visible on his guitar. Contrary to
legend, I can exclusively reveal here that Johnson did not have a hellhound on
his tail at all, but a short-sighted Jack Russell, which had mistaken his
fingers for juicy chipolatas. For a serious report on the photo, see

I had the pleasure of
meeting The Reflex
this week, the DJ who has created some of the most interesting and
intelligent dancefloor records of the last year; he had got in touch after his
work featured in our Vinyl Fetish column. I was delighted to discover he has
been an RC reader for years. The Reflex was
with DJ Day, in London after gigs in Europe, visiting Abbey Road as a fan
and buying heaps of vinyl to carry back to sunny California. In a strange
coincidence, I’d reviewed one of DJ Day’s records in the current issue of the
magazine, a reissue of his 2005 Four Hills,
from the MPM 7” box set
. I love this record,
it’s so simple, warm and emotional: hear it in full

you for reading this, and supporting RC. Have a great week

Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector




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