Record Store Day 2013: the records and the bands to watch

Music fans will be flocking to independent record stores on the sixth Record Store Day, with 500 exclusive vinyl releases available — from rare Dylan 7" to the shortest album in the world.

Today is Record Store Day, an event set up six years ago to promote independent music shops by selling exclusive vinyl recordings to fans.

Record Store Day is considered a success, and the interest of fans reflects an impressive rise in vinyl sales: 78 per cent more vinyl records were sold in the first quarter of 2013 than in the first quarter of 2012. Furthermore, sales of vinyl in 2012 reached 389,000 – the highest since 2004.

Statistics aside, Record Store Day 2013 has plenty to genuinely excite music fans – regardless of whether you've dusted off the turntable recently. Over 500 exclusive records have been produced for the event, from artists including David Bowie (material from The Next Day on white vinyl) and Pink Floyd (a pink pressing of the band's second single See Emily Play with orignal Syd Barret artwork).

In previous years fans have queued up to get their hands on the limited number of rare records available.

This year there are just 500 copies available of a green vinyl of Gil Scott Heron's drink-inspired track, The Bottle, and a red pressing of Echo & The Bunnymen LP Crocodiles Weatherbox, amongst others. Chas N Dave fans might be sharpening their elbows to get hold of one of the 800 7" recordings of their track Rabbit, shaped like the animal itself.

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