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things first: the new issue of Record Collector is in the shops
as of today, with a 1950s cover. Yes, that’s me on the front with the
nice legs, sat on the Serious About Music motto. That’s what I looked like in
the 50s – I’ve changed a bit since then. I would sooner be the guy towards the
middle, leaning on a leather-clad fist: that’s Vince Taylor, and I
remember watching him play at a club in Paris in 1977. He was teamed with a
young and hungry local band who rocked and looked like they’d be just as happy
performing punk. Although you don’t have to dig deep on the internet to read
that Vince could be incoherent on stage, he certainly wasn’t on the night I saw
him, making announcements in French and English, and singing and dancing like a
teenager. I have to admit I was surprised to find a supposedly burnt-out star
knocking out two full-length shows each night for a week; the club was by no
means full but there were enough true fans to whip up a great atmosphere. This clip isn’t
dated and isn’t from the same place, but it’ll give you an idea of what he
could do. I can’t remember much more about it; no ticket stub, can’t even
recall the name of the club, but Vince made an impression.

in the mag: Magma; the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal; The
Moody Blues
, Hawkwind, The Association; Belinda Carlisle,
Howard Kaylan, Charles Bradley, KT Tunstall, the
super-obscure Distortion label; The Scouse Phenomenon books, Vertigo’s
unlikely New Wave compilation; reviews of Scott Walker, Sabbath,
and erm, Bing Crosby… plus tons more. I don’t know how we fit it all in,
missus. Please note, officer, that last link was being used in an ironic,
postmodern way, honest; don’t just assume I’m a sexist, nasty lunkhead – wait
until you’ve got more proof. Although when you have, I won’t be the only one in
trouble, judging by the row brewing about Kanye West which has hit the headlines
today. I’ve heard the album and enjoyed it as far as I was able to absorb it in
a single listen, but he’s not going to win any awards for PC lyrics, and is not
the first rapper to chat a line like that. Kanye took part in a tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire,
whose leader Maurice White has the disease, so he oughta know better.
And so should we: RC has received letters about a mention of
“near-autistic flair” in a recent issue. That’s not a smart or even an accurate
description; sincere apologies to those who were offended.

a lighter note, this week it’s a special Happy Birthday to our (now officially)
old-aged friend, the album, aka LP Record. He’s collecting his pension
this week, being 65 years young (do blokes still get a pension at that age or
are they forced to keep working?). I’ve got to say that my favourite format
remains the 7” 45, but I do own one or two long
players and I suspect that you might too. I was hoping to get a quote from the
album about his birthday, but I am told he’s at a party and won’t be home for
another 65 years. Way to go. So here are some unusual photographs of him on a
tribute website.
Many happy returns, LP.

Thanks for reading this,
and reading RC. Have a great week,


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector


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