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blah, blah, blah. No, this isn’t the usual newsletter, even though it reads
like it. I’m writing an acceptance speech.
All I need is an awards ceremony to go with it. Now that summer has finally
arrived for five minutes, I am thinking of taking a sabbatical from the
newsletter and concentrating on my other business, a nudist resort which is
conveniently located for the M25. In fact it’s on the central reservation of
the M25, between
junctions 69 and 70. I’m somewhat concerned that the police have warned me
about the number of crashes it’s caused. Since accidents are often
caused when speedy and keen unclothed people meet, what did they expect?

are probably wondering why I’m not at Glastonbury; the fact is, I am.
That’s me waving to you from the green field, the 36,003rd person
from the right, the one with the laptop with one sticker that says “If you
funk, bleep”, and another sticker that says “My other laptop is a cat”. I
always have for the green field because it matches my teeth. And once you have
been to Glastonbury, there’s a part of you that is always a part of it, in a
very real sense. That’s because I went to one of the first Fayres there, and
the bathroom facilities weren’t great. But I got over it, even if the field

had a few letters about the cover story of the current issue, Britain Rocked
Before The Beatles
. Some have complained about the use of the B-word on the
cover again – that’s Beatles, not Britain, because they are (more B words
here), bored with the blimmin’ Beatles. Others have said “about time too”, and
others approved wholeheartedly. We’re expecting further controversy with next
month’s piece about Northern soul, because it’s the kind of genre where
everyone has an opinion, and of course, all can be correct because really,
there are no rules, it is whatever the listener thinks it is. (I’ve had a
similar problem with my own area of particular musical expertise, rapping cat duets.)
Also on the horizon is a story concerning Zior, who had a few things in
common with Black Sabbath, although success wasn’t one of them, and
another about Clouds, the Island prog trio who coulda, shoulda, woulda
been bigger than ELP, but weren’t. Both acts were dynamite on stage, in
different ways, by all accounts. And in the next issue we run into the gnarled
and cast iron figures of The Pretty Things, who are starring at RC’s
Fruits De Mer all-dayer. They still rock,
people, and rock hard, as we are looking forward to discovering all over again.

you for reading, have a great week,


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector


New Wave Of British Heavy Metal: The
movement that sharpened metal, plus collectables

US 60s pop idols, Zappa sidemen, hip-hop’s go-to sample guys, The

The Association: Where
harmony sounds met psych…

Magma: Prog, space-rock… or
just mad?

Plus The Moody Blues, Charles Bradley, Belinda Carlisle,
, Black Sabbath, Giorgio Moroder, Bing Crosby,
Scott Walker
, These New Puritans





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