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is a newsletter, so let’s start with the big news of the week: The Baby. It’s
great of lovely Kate and that nice fella she married to name it after
Minneapolis’ little purple funk legend. That’s very
modern and rock’n’roll. Also on our rolling 24-hour news feed, Beyoncé got her hair caught in a
fan. What was she doing so close to him? Which part of the fan did her hair get
stuck in? Does Jay-Zeeeee know about this? We should be told. But no blame
is attached to Beyoncé
– it’s a fan that’s attached to her. Anyway, disasters like this happen in
showbiz. When RC was sponsoring the “That’s never VG-, pal, it’s no more
than G+” stage at the Maydup Festival Of Unplayable Music in 2011, the giant
inflatable we’d commissioned turned up late, so we had to blow it up right on
showtime. Turned out it was a 30ft-high Wild Ride extra-strong prophylactic.
Apparently the inflatables company had misunderstood when we said we wanted
something to illustrate ringwear. It got
quite embarrassing when the Rare Record Price Guide’s
Ian Shirley kept shinning up it while singing electropop hits. We
couldn’t figure out how he managed it after it had been sprayed with 1,700
litres of Luv U Long Time lubricating jelly; I think he was particularly
determined because we told him there was a copy of Chrome’s Box Set
at the top. His clothes got quite messed up, but at least he hasn’t had to
grease his pushbike since.

Pink Floyd-fronted issue is selling
well, and nearly 32,000 people have given it the thumbs up on the band’s fine Facebook site.
Feedback has been fab so far, and the same applies to The Pretty
story, in which they challenge the Stones to one last rock’n’roll
shootout. I know who my money would be on and it wouldn’t be the
stadium-filling megaband. You’ll be able to find out why when you see the
Pretties at our psych
all-dayer on August 10 at the Borderline
. Also in the current RC is
a piece about The Doors on TV in the UK in 1968, a review of recent Beatles
books, and an obituary of one of the truly great voices of soul music, whose excellent official online tribute can be found

It’s been scorching in London and all that heat makes young man’s
thoughts turn to lust. Luckily I’m not a young man, so I don’t have to bother about that; I can get on with thinking about records. Bobby Womack
and Gabor Szabo’s Breezin’ and Fred Wesley’s Sportin’ Life have
both been annoying my neighbours of late; both are ancient, so it’s good to
hear something more recent which holds that
retro sunny vibe. I’ve mentioned the talented Maddy Carty in the newsletter
before; it’s really good to hear her Get It Right on record. It’s out on 7” vinyl
in a couple of weeks…

In the meantime we’ve been working on the next issue. Highlights
include a brilliant story about Radiohead and an in-depth
interview with The Beach Boys, including Brian Wilson. More
details closer to the date, but I promise it’s going to be another goodie (bet you
were expecting Bill Oddie).

you for reading this – and reading RC. Have a great week,

Best wishes


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector


Nick Mason on Pink Floyd's early demos 

Northern soul round-up

Post-grunge rockers Alice In Chains

The Pretty Things talk about the good times

Goth/punk pioneers UK Decay return

Scotland's progsters Clouds

70s Neolithic metal, with Zior

Norman Watt-Roy on Dury service

Plus Beatles books, investigating sound, 80s Indie box set, Chic, John
Denver, Burt Bacharach, Philly Hip-Hop, The Doors on TV…and much more


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