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shouldn’t moan… but I like it. It’s too hot in London right now. All my records
are looking at me, begging for a spell in the fridge. But I’ve got one of those
little desktop machines, only fit to keep a couple of cans of cider chilly, so
I’m having to make some difficult choices. My Ice Cube albums are
already cool; anything on Eddy Grant’s label (of which I’ve got
hundreds, honest) can also fend for itself. But Hot Butter is going
rancid and milk is curdling in the udders of Atom Heart Mother. It may
be time to escape the weather, but the best way to beat the heat is to soar
above it, so I’ve put my name down for a Virgin Galactic Space Flight. To be
honest, it’s a bit out of my price range at about $200,000, so I’ve chosen the
budget option, another Virgin spacecraft. On the outside is
a sticker that says “Special price: 50p” (or was that something else cheesy?)
so I don’t feel very confident that the thing will fly. But you get what you
pay for. Unless you’re buying albums from the US, where you pay £3 for the
album and more than a tenner postage…

new edition of the magazine hits the shops today – yes! – and boasts Syd-era
Pink Floyd on the front, plus a slightly Reservoir Dogs pic of The
Pretty Things
, who are gunning for their local rivals, the Stones; you’ll
also find fab features about Northern soul, Clouds, Zior, UK
, Norman Watt-Roy and Alice In Chains. Plus The Doors
on Granada TV remembered, the RRPG’s Ian Shirley going ape for some rare jazz
albums and a single with a semi-naked lady on the front, Beatles books
reviewed, and I ask how we should be listening to music in 2013. With
our ears, I know, but maybe we ought to use our brains too…

looking forward to our superinternational psych all-dayer at
London’s Borderline in the company of Fruits De Mer on August 10. The
aforementioned Pretty Things, Stay, The Luck Of Eden Hall,
Jack Ellister, and Sendelica will be
bringing you aural excitement.
The first 150 folk through the door
get a free goodie bag, full of… goodies an’ stuff. Bring your ears and
imagination, you’ll have a fantastic time.

still getting letters about our 50s story that was on the cover of RC 416; four
of them are in the issue that’s out today, I’ll print more in the next issue.
While some of them are critical, there’s also a sense of excitement about the
era in all of these letters, the sort of feeling that isn’t
stirred up by some of the 60s-oriented features we do. Are the 50s “back”, or
did they never go away?

you for reading this and supporting RC.

Have a great week,


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector

RC Aug 2013

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