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newsletter is being produced in the same way David Bowie used to write
lyrics: lines randomly generated, which may not make sense.  (No change
there, then.) Well, not actual sense as straight folk might understand it, but
we’re trendy, turned-on rock people, aren’t we? We’re on the same wavelength
(God help you). We understand artistic stuff and we’re sticking it to The Man. It’s like
we were at Wimbledon, watching Andy Murray’s triumph, but we’re the fashionable
Hollywood actors, not the Prime Minister. For this newsletter, however, I am
not pulling lines of verse out of a bag and arranging them like Bowie. Instead
I’m eating alphabet
at my desk, picking out letters with a spoon and seeing what it tells
me to write. So here goes: nu album frm Elton achly v gud. Blimey. What
can that mean? Let’s try again. Cen E Wodgers betta n Stownz at glastnby.
That’s utterly meaningless. This isn’t working at all, but one last attempt: Uluv
Just Tin biba 4 true OK?
Oh well, at least it got the last one right. Now
I’ve spilled it down my shirt. Excuse me a moment while I clean up.

better. As you may have guessed, we restricted our Glastonbury experience to
the telly, where we enjoyed Chic. Nice to see them getting a bit of love
again. We seem to watch a lot of telly these days; are we getting old? There was
Rod Stewart, looking as craggy as his voice, on Imagine. He used
to be my neighbour in Essex, but he had me moved out of the county because he
couldn’t stand all the rubbish music coming out of my house with wheels on it.
Rod said he learnt a lot from Britt Ekland – did she used to be a
biology teacher? – and he talked about songwriting. Personally I’d sooner have
seen him booting footballs off a stage for an hour. I am indebted to our
sharp-eyed reader Charlie Cook, who spotted the Rare Record Price Guide
on a table in the programme. Maybe Rod’s thinking of selling off his Shotgun Express
acetates. We’ll give you a fiver, Rod. Rod and Britt
(warning, contains scenes of 70s international jet-set groovers thinking
they’re fantastic) feature in our Rock’n’Roll Diary in the next issue of RC.
But mostly Britt.

have a new issue in the shops this time next week – sooner if you’re a subscriber – with Pink
’s demos on the cover, and inside you’ll find The Pretty Things,
Northern soul, Alice In Chains, Clouds (sit
through the drum solo – it gets interesting) , Zior, UK Decay, Norman
and tons more. Record Collector: every four weeks, a world
of rock (and whatever) history lands in your lap. We’re a bit like a cat, only
a little less furry, and a shade more musical.

you for reading, have a great week


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector


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