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MOZART Mozart À Paris– 1763 Et 1778

Ever wanted to save yourself nearly five thousand Pounds ? That's about eight thousand Dollars or Euros, if you wanted to know. Well, that's what the seven LP set produced by Pathé in France in 1956 would cost you if you were able to find one. This recording of all of Mozart's compositions from his visits to Paris in 1763 & 1778 & performed by the Fernand Oubradous Orchestra has long been seen to be the definitive recording of these pieces, unsurpassed to this day. The trouble is that it was produced over fifty five years ago and has never been re-issued – Until Now. This is an instant rarity, being limited to a mere three hundred copies in total and there is already a waiting list, much like there would be for a new model Ferrari. Please see 'More Info' and I will attempt to explain why this is probably the ultimate modern vinyl collectable on the planet!

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